Game Reviewers mob & New Swords are out!

Lots of changes in this update:

  • New mob: Game Reviewer.
    He does not move quickly, but has lots of hp and is strong.  There is a good strategy for taking him down, but I’ll let you discover it!
  • New mob: Dire Game Reviewer
  • New weapon: Blue Sword
  • New weapon: Red Sword
  • Your health now increases with each level gained.
    This change is retroactive — just respawn to get your new max HP
  • Monsters will no longer attack through the ceiling/floor
  • Fix for lost permaitems bug

Psy has created a dungeon for the game reviewer – once its populated with some nefarious mobs, I will link it from root.  It will be targeted for players who are level 3 or later.



11 thoughts on “Game Reviewers mob & New Swords are out!”

  1. Played the update! Awesome! Alredy got the health and red sword. But hadn’t fought any game reviewer yet. I do not know if they are in the wildress.

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