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Next Update: Keys

keybigNext update will let you get keys that you can use on new special key doors.  There will be three different key/door pairs, and keys will be unique to each city.  You will be able to give/trade players keys or have them autospawn.

Use them to give only specific people in a city access to a building, or to make dungeons more interesting!

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  1. Awesome! Will keys disappear if you take them out of the dungeon?

  2. but just saying where is the block troll?

  3. I was about to write a long and complex comment questioning every possible aspect of this. But then I thought, who cares?
    Can’t wait for the update!

  4. Hmmm….. it’s similar to my idea about permission doors 😛

  5. Also similar to my idea: keypad doors.

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