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Hat Vote!

I've created five new hats! Users who have bought at least the 49.99 tier at the Octoberbit Promotion are now able to vote for which hat they'd like to see be the exclusive 49.99 tier hat. The hat that wins the vote will be granted to backers of the 49.99 tier -- it will never again be offered for sale after the promotion ends.  The other hats will be available in-game later.

Note - if you have kicked in $24.99 previously, you can buy an additional 24.99 to get this tier. Yes, that technically adds up to 49.98, but the system will round up in your favor and let you get the hat 🙂

To vote on the new hat, go to this page.  Hurry - votes will be tallied on the 15th!


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  1. The banana still doesn’t fly… 😐

  2. Well, it’s a hard choose we have here.
    The niciest thing in here is the Gold Porkpie, but i think grass would be epic, if a bit more detailed (it kinda leans left somehow+could be barely seen)
    A fishbowl is just demoliting idea, but it’s kinda low and the fish is just three pixels.
    Banana… Looks nice, but i don’t want to see it in game.
    So i give my vote to the Gold Porkpie!

  3. Just in case – forgot to put in the name, I’m Adventurer

    • You know there’s a voting link? 😛
      Also, only donaters can vote, apparently.

      …I feel I ought to add something more to this comment. I’ll add this.

  4. I can’t decide between Gold Porkpie and Breaking Bit.

    I want alternative vote 😛

    Also, it it just an optical illusion that Breaking Bit appears shorter than Gold Porkpie?

    • That voting system actually makes good sense. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to implement it, heh

      • Meh.
        I’d rather have Breaking Bit exclusive, but then non-fundraisers would be able to get the Porkpie, and it makes no sense to let them have one that looks more special 😛

  5. The hats that dont make it into the game should still be implemented as gold hats

    Also did not anyone read it ONLY backers make their vote here, as a certain few who aren’t still made it 😛

  6. Which hat currently has the most votes?

  7. Gold Porkpie! I paid my $25…hear me! XD and ty

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