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Pumpkins + 8BitIntern!

Exciting news:  I now have an 8BitIntern joining the project who will be helping out with code tasks!  If you see kartud online, say hello!

10.25.12 halloween block

His first task was getting pumpkins back on sale for this month.  You'll find them in the front page of the shop.  Also, pumpkins can now only be lit by yourself.

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  1. Awesome! Good luck Kartud and have fun!

  2. Does only being able to light them yourself apply to the last lot as well?

  3. Thanks!
    If by “the last lot” you mean the pumpkin blocks from last year, then yes – all pumpkin blocks may now only be lit by their owner.

  4. How long will they stay in the shop?

  5. . . . . . Kurplup. Good luck on the job man. Sim9 needs it. (Well, he is okay by himself, but it would be good for someone to help. .__________. )

  6. I guess this means no more pumpkin antics. 🙁
    It’s good to see Sim finally getting some much-needed help

    • They’re a seasonal item, so you can only purchase them from the shop around Halloween. You can probably also find someone that would be willing to trade with you for some.

  7. Please make them in the shop for 1000 gold each for 1 day please Robby Z PLEASE. I got the game 2 weeks when the pumpkins came out and thay really made me mad. Please all i want is 1 or 2 :(!!!

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