Thursday Night Update

  • Local/global chatting
  • Fixed bug where Pixel Pistol could be dropped anywhere in Origin
  • Fixed bug where enemy text hovers in top left of screen momentarily
  • Server Optimization: regions can be sent to the client faster
  • Server Optimization: faster connection switching

Local/global chatting: If the server ever hits 60 concurrent players, by default chat will then only go to areas near you.  You can override that and chat with everyone with /g <text>.  Last time we hit that many players, the chat window was basically unreadable, so this is being proactive for when the Steam launch happens.

PS, here’s a fun pic of some load testing 😉

10-24-2013 local load testing


4 thoughts on “Thursday Night Update”

  1. LOL?I SEE MY KITTY!!! He made me a millionare because he is a lawyer. Too bad he keeps getting tramplednto death in my farm.;-)

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