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Desktop & Steam Launcher v2

I've done some re-writes today for the Desktop & Steam Launchers today:

  • Steam launcher will let you register/login directly from the launcher instead of having to go in-game
  • Launcher now supports basic load balancing
  • Background image visible on server select page

If you're playing on Steam, the launcher will auto-update.  If you using stand alone desktop edition, you can get it through the Mega portal.

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  1. Robby, here is an AWESOME bug, that I’d love to stay as a feature: In NW, if you die of a pumpkin explosion, you respawn at the same X,Y but in the OLD WORLD! Also, on mega map you see your X,Y in old world even while standing in the new one, so you can see the outcome of explosion.

  2. could give me a key to his game at this mail

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