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Player Quests!


Wow, big update today!

First, the sad news.  Tutorial Zombie has unfortunately died in a tragic tutorial-related accident.  He has long been a favorite companion in the game and was a key NPC many years before the game was even publicly playable.  Alas, he now resides in Tutorial Heaven.  RIP.

Replacing him is Sir Zombie Brains, who brings a potentially unlimited number of quests!  When you first meet him in Level 1, he will give you either a quest to claim the reward block in the Offices of LOL & LOL, or a quest to slay LawyerCats.  In Level 2, he does the same for Hipsters in Psy's dungeon.  For Level 3 and above, he gives out user-made quests!



So how do you make him give out a quest?

  1. Place a reward block in a town or dungeon
  2. Stand near it
  3. Give it a short name that will be seen in /rewardblocks with /rewardblockname <name>
  4. Now, set quest text with /rewardblockquest <quest text>.  This text will be said by Sir Zombie Brains and will also be shown on the quest side-bar.  Make sure it's not profane or otherwise containing mature content!
  5. If later you decide you don't want the quest to be public, you can turn it off by just doing /rewardblockquest with no parameters.
  6. Level 3+ users will be able to talk to Sir Zombie Brains and receive your quest.  To get to your quest easily, there is a new telepad: the questpad.  The questpad will take users right to your town's respawn pads, or if your town has none, then to your townstone.
  7. If the user doesn't like your quest, they can get a different one just by talking to Sir Zombie Brains again.

Hopefully this encourages cool usage of the reward blocks and makes it easy to see more awesome creations throughout the world!

Other patch notes:

  • Inventory screen now has extra information + hover fx
  • Active item has click fx
  • Shortened some intro tutorial text
  • Sign editing considers z-height
  • Fixed issue where lagging during tutorial sequence causes loop
  • Tutorial teleporter text is smarter

EDIT: I forgot to also mention:

  • Reward blocks give 50g
  • Most numeric quests should now properly count down in the quest reminder window as you kill mobs / place blocks
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  1. This is the greatest and best update in the world.

  2. Does finding a reward block as part of a quest give any extra gold, or is it just a way of making them known to newer players / those on at different times?

    Also, if the quests are level 3+ and the new map is level 4+, is there a system to stop it giving level 3 players quests in =66?

  3. It would be cool to choose if you want a lawyer/hipster quest or a player-made one. StarXsomething or something’s ”noob helping” quest is absolutly noob-cruel, because there are NO signs showing what to do or where to go, so i didn’t complete this one. The perfect system is a window that opens when you talk to the zombie. There you can choose mob killing quests or player-made quests. If you choose player-made quests you can browse through all the names and choose the one you want (then like/dislike it after you complete it?), and if you choose mob-killing quests, it opens a window where you can choose what mob you want to kill, how many (it automaticly calculates the amount you’ll get for that), or how much money you want to get (automaticly calculates the amount of mobs you need to kill)

    Sorry for the long message, just that’s the system I always wanted.

    How did our good tutorial zombie die? I remember him saying experience is it’s own reward… *weeps*

  4. Rewardblocks give 50g?

  5. If tutorial zombie is realy dead then i shall make him back from the dead again… You can always help by cooming to my plot in redrum ( it’s mostly devil worshiping DDDD: )

  6. RobbyZ can you more quest like killing big and strong mobs..

    And players will have a good loots ^_^


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