Desktop Launcher v3

Just pushed out a new build of the launcher:

  • Provides much better debugging information in the log file
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the error screen never showed up when an error occurred
  • Waits to authenticate until Steam indicates it is ready — may resolve the forever authenticating bug for some users
  • If DLL cannot be loaded (usually due to overly restrictive antivirus / Net Nanny software), an error is properly displayed
  • New method of downloading config files – may help those who were having trouble getting latest remote launcher version
  • Display error if not logged into Steam
  • Added links to FAQ on error screen

You should be updated automatically.  To check if you are running the latest launcher, your log file will say “Local launcher version:3“.  If it indicates 2, then right click 8BitMMO in steam -> files -> verify integrity of game cache, which should force an update.


2 thoughts on “Desktop Launcher v3”

    1. Apparently Steam Auth servers have been having a lot of trouble today — this is affecting a lot of games.

      For us, this manifests as the line “[WARNING] We had to give up waiting for steam auth ticket to be ready” in your game log.

      If this happens to you, please close the launcher and try again.

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