Level Doors

You can now build Level Doors that only allow players of a certain level to open them.  Additionally, this door will only open for that player, so it is impossible for lower level players to sneak through.

You can set the level by getting close to the door and doing /leveldoor <minimum level number>

I’ve rearchitected Root to take advantage of these — now you have to do some Draco & Zombie quests and finish Level 1 before you can wander out to the wider world.


Other changes today:

  • EXP bar increases show during dialogue again
  • Players can now drop any sword except the white starter sword
  • IRC no longer shows every single join/quit message (it was getting a bit overwhelming.  Now it just shows player count every minute)

5 thoughts on “Level Doors”

  1. YEP, dropping swords! YEP, no more noobs asking how to build because they didn’t complete draco quests! YEP, RobbyZ!

  2. RobbyZ this new root is… SUCKY!!! Seriusly i hate the new look and new pepole should be able to explore too,i hate the law offices of LOL and LOL being at the start.THEY NEED TO BE REDONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I find level doors good but ATLEAST put them near the dungeons to make it fair.These last updates were all stupid!

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