Playing with the UI


  • Changed a lot of the UI colors / button style
  • Improved menu dropdown — there was an issue where if you moved mouse diagonally past the menu button, the menu would go away.  Fixed
  • Quest reminder window made 90% snazzier
  • Not sure about the green color for the level bar, or the blue color for the quest reminder flash on change, but it’s sure harder to miss now.  😉

Check it out in the new build up now!


5 thoughts on “Playing with the UI”

  1. Problem with quests:
    I have a problem with my quests… I did the Zoo quest, and now they are giving it back to me, and its my only quest, so i cant do it…. and it gives me the same quest over and over again, please help!

    1. You should be getting player quests at level 3 and above, unless you have finished all player quests. On Potato server, I think only one guy has made a quest so far, but Primary has a number of quests

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