Reminder window fancyness increased by 6 galactic units

In tonight’s 2:30am-i’m-super-exhausted-update-even-though-2:30-is-super-early, we bring you:

  • Quest reminder window highlights changes, so as you kill mobs there’s a little animation to go with that
  • Quest reminder window glows green when a new quest is added
  • Quest reminder nicely lines up dashes and line breaks after dashes
  • Pumpkins are out of season, and so no longer in the shop.  Although I would TOTALLY eat some pumpkin pie right now, because I forgot to get in on that during Thanksgiving.  That has nothing to do with this update though.
  • Monsters no longer try to attack disconnected players
  • Swording can only be done every 100ms now

Tentative target date for Steam launch is Friday the 13th (lucky!), although this could shift.  I plan to send out keys to ALL beta requestors after we’ve moved over to the new shiny servers — early next week.

zzz -_-


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