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The 8BitMMO Headquarters / Supply Closet

We've snuck into REACTOR's supply closet and set up shop there.  I'm pretty psyched about our new digs:

View from the outside

View from the outside



My desk

My desk - the displays on either side are monitoring real-time server status.  The blue monitor turns red if a server is down.  Also: ramen.

We've also got a white board, but it is full of secrets. 😉


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  1. By the power of me i will find out whats on that white board!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looking good guys. Keep up the good work.

  3. Very cool, thanks for the pics.

  4. Hey Robby!, Hey…. guy who stole my outfit >:(

    Anyways, cool hide-out!
    I do hope that whiteboard contains a lot of new block ideas!

  5. Dat ramen… also cool diggs

  6. Hm…… The reminds me… Weren’t we supposed to send you a ton of instant ramen?

    … Whoops…

    Anyways…… I’m a little curious about where your old set up was if a closest is such a big deal ._.

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