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Updates 1/29

  • You can no longer fight the darkness (swords don't cause shadows to go away)
  • Fixed bug where sometime items would pickup/drop items when closing windows
  • Fixed bug where some windows would let you pickup/drop items through them accidentally
  • Can no longer place objects inside terrain you don't own (previously it was possible to get objects stuck inside terrain and impossible to get them back)
  • Steam In-Game Purchasing added.  Now you can purchase packs in-game, instead of having to go through a web browser.  There is a small bug with this currently though, so please see note below.

Special Note about Steam In-Game Purchasing

There is currently a bug I am investigating where if you launch the game via Steam, you can only perform one in-game purchase per time you restart the game.  The first purchase per session works perfect.  On the second purchase, it will bring up the popup and you will not be able to click 'Authorize.'  Don't worry if you hit this bug - this does NOT bill your account.  In order to make a second purchase, restart the game.  I am currently asking Valve on how to fix this bug and hope to have a fix soon.

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  1. NOOOOOO! No longer fighting darkness when bored 😛 Nah, Sweet Update Sim

  2. I cant play the game!:(

      • I tried to get plat again through the browser option this time, it still didn’t work for me. It just kept trying to load the page this time and wouldn’t connect to the page. restarted my comp and re logged into game, still didn’t work :/

        • If you see me online on IRC, please PM me the address of the page that does not load. If I’m not around, please open a support ticket with the address of the page. Thank you!

  3. 25,69,16:3,-97=66 is my location here is a wierd glitch it makes a one high block like a half slab of grey block unable to be climbed. Can you tell me what happened? BTW robbyz dont remove it i like it just want info.

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