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Better Inventory & bug fixes

I've improved the inventory screen a bit, so as to not have the overlapping issues that the old screen frequently had.  Also, screen wheel support (finally!)


  • When placing a block, the preview block no longer blocks your movement or gets you stuck
  • When placing a block, the preview block no longer displays if your cursor is out of the world
  • Fixed bug where inventory items could be selected even if they weren't visible due to scrolling
  • Fixed bug where accept trade button was hard to click if there were multiple rows of inventory items being traded
  • Inventory items are now clipped to a maximum amount to prevent overlap
  • Easier to read quantity labels, including when dragging over to trade window (is offset slightly so still readable next to cursor)
  • Scroll wheel support on inventory window
  • Tooltips use proper font
  • Fixed bug where pickup item would disappear after finishing trade
  • Possible fix for Meep server crash + more debug info
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  1. I am loving these recent updates. It’s making the game look beautiful!

  2. Meep server crash?

  3. 0_0 26 dire game reviewer spawners… am i the only one who noticed this?

  4. please un-ban me because the ban has expired

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