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Build #938: Performance++

You should find the new build runs faster than previous builds, especially in areas with many objects.  On my laptop in one place particularly full of blocks, my FPS jumped from ~30FPS to about ~55FPS after this change.  Also, this build fixes the ghost door/objects issue that sometimes popped up.

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  1. The NEWEST bug where evvveerrrry block is outlined is annoying and confusing to new players. Please fix as soon as possible.

  2. It only happens sometimes, like when you go up high and come back down again, or go threw teles going into other peoples towns. Its not a constant bug, but it pops up like every 5-10 mins and it doesnt happen to EVERY block, just to some buildings , than if you walk away and come back its stopped. But its still happening.

  3. Hmm yea ok that sounds diffrent. I just got back to my PC so I have yet to see this bug.

  4. Ill see it Thursday. My pc broke :'(

  5. New build up which may fix this bug

  6. any estimates on when a fix for the contentwatch issue will be resolved? or will that be saved for a later date?

  7. there is 1 ting you can do deltle and download it agin

  8. i mean no scoll down too see how

    ok step 1: go to roblox

    step 3: send me a mesege

    step 4: when i see it i will update the game

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