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Building Update

A couple updates today:

1) I've ported over the ObjectID change from Potato.  This is a pretty big change under the hood, so please report here any new bugs that arise from it.  Fortunately, it looks like it was pretty stable when running on Potato for the past few days.

bigRedCursor2) Reworked the build system.  Building is a littler faster and a bit more intuitive now.  To build stuff, just open the inventory and click the item.  If it's a weapon, it'll equip it per usual.  If it's a construction block, you will immediately be able to place it.  Want to drop a weapon?  Just click 'drop' on the active item panel.  Finally you can drop white swords again 😉  Pickup mode is similarly easy -- there's a new Pickup Item object in your inventory (it does NOT count towards your inventory limit).  Click it and you'll be in pickup mode.  All the old Q, R, CTRL+[, CTRL+], etc hotkeys still work.

Draco's text has been updated to correspond with the client changes.

3) You have a little pixel cursor for your mouse image now.  This is useful because it ties into the build system and changes color depending on if you're in normal, pickup, or drop modes.

4) Buy gold screen has been improved, with an explanation on how to get gold & plat, and a link to the trading forum if you'd rather not buy plat, plus thank you text at the bottom right for those who do.

5) Tooltips on several objects explaining how to use them, including all weapons and the Pickup Item.

6) Using new style buttons in the item shop, instead of ancient grey ones

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  1. Absolutely 100% Looooooooooooooooooooove this update. It just makes everything feel so much more polished and professional.

  2. Nice! But, one idea, could you make plat item buy button blue instead of yellow? I think it would look better.

  3. R doesn’t toggle dropping swords on or off. It would be nice if it at least toggled it off. Or maybe that’s just my problem because I still play on Kongregate which requires scrolling up to see the active item box 😛

    Other than that, much as I’d like to fault the update, I can’t really find anything wrong, as q/r still work for building. Does Draco mention that?

    • Yes, R doesn’t toggle that intentionally — otherwise noobs would accidentally drop their swords everywhere 😉

      Also, I just checked Kongregate, and it’s working fine for me with no scrolling required. Do you have an unusual page zoom set for Kongregate?

      Draco doesn’t talk about Q/R, because at that point players are still learning the basics. But the build window now displays that at the bottom right.

    • You play on Kongregate?

  4. Actually, found a bug already.
    If I enable drop active, either with R or by pressing the drop button for swords, while my mouse is over the Void of 8Bit (i.e. edge of pocket universe), the block is hovered around where I’m standing, which can actually immobilise me with a full block. Plus this allows placing of blocks in-between other blocks, which I’m certainly not objecting to, but I doubt this is meant to happen. You have to see it to know what the heck I’m actually talking about here.

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