1. AutoCap is the program used to make map updates. This means we are getting a weekly map update system.
    Also, sim9 just told us on IRC what it was

  2. AUTOCAP is a new item that automatically shoots people (or “caps” them) in a 360 degree area when are within range

  3. Auto Cap is a hat that looks like an upside-down car. When you’re wearing it, you move faster (like when you’re on a road). It was *briefly* visible in the shop a few weeks ago.

  4. Autocap is for different languages on chat. In an upcoming build, the game will ask you what language you prefer to play in. The autocap server then captures all incoming chat and runs it through a translator for your preferred language before sending it to you (well, to all speakers of your language).

  5. Autocap Industries is a leading manufacturer of industrial Valve s.
    It’s possible this is the first clue that Sim9 is partnering with this Valve company for his and their next highly anticipated game.

  6. from what i discovered doing a quick google search for “auto meaning” and “cap meaning,” auto can mean self and cap can mean a kind of soft, close-fitting head covering worn for a particular purpose or as a mark of a particular profession or status. now if we put these two meanings together, autocap is clearly a new hat featuring a miniature version of yourself sitting on your head.

  7. Sim is going to hack Dogecoin and buy the entire world one Dogecoin at a time. Meanwhile the Doge resistance will keep trying to defeat him, but will eventually end up losing and Bitcoin will fail. At that point the Doge resistance becomes a group of rebels and are lead by The Chosen One (Zooty), who hacks Dogecoins and changes the name to Zootycoins, becoming the one evil owner of the world. He then gets defeated by Chaos who sells his towns (worth <9000 plat) and buys off Zooty succesfully establishing a republic with Hermit, Grim and Meep as leaders.

    ©kkfenix, 2014

  8. The current servers can only support so many registered users. Once registered users hits a certain number (500,000? 1 million?), the AutoCap server will kick in and Automatically Cap the number of people placed in the main game.
    When there’s no more room in 8BitMMO, the 8Bitters will walk the earth.

  9. woah is VCD 8BitMMO This Robby Zinchak Developer VCD is 8BitMMO Autocap Server Coming Soon Xbox 360 and Xbox One OUT NOW!

  10. I think this is part of the server where it AUTOmatically puts a CAPacity limit… I think Robby Z will use it for the 2k expansion block because maybe it would help to lessen the lag once the 2k expansion block is out in the stores… Remember he is testing it right? He is testing the 2k expansion block if there would be lag or not… Too repeating or redundant? [my statements].

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