Laser Rifles are live!

laserRifleToday’s update brings a number of nice things:

  • Laser Rifles — charge them up and fire… but don’t charge them too long 😉
  • Active item window sizes around the active item (wide item support)
  • Muted players can no longer whisper to anyone
  • If you /ignore a player, you will no longer see whispers from them
  • Use /nearby or /n to chat to players near you without the entire server seeing your text.  IRC will still see it though.
  • Fixed bug where players would respawn in the same place if there was only one place to respawn
  • Pixel Pistol is half the cost

8 thoughts on “Laser Rifles are live!”

  1. “Muted players can no longer whisper to anyone” That’s good and bad… Maybe make it so they can whisper to MUTUAL friends? So that if the person annoys someone, they can defriend him and all will be fine? That would make this system perfect 😀

  2. The Laser rifle has the same flaws as the pixel pistol: expensive to use and can only shoot in 4 directions. Thus it will be just as useless.
    Either give the ranged weapons unlimited ammo or make it so swords won’t be spammable anymore.

    (I like the laser rifle but it is just not viable)

    1. I withraw my previous statement, I just found out you can charge and walk at the same time making this actually quite good. run around and dodge the swordattacks wait for the right moment and release your laser to do 9 damage.

      It is still expensive though with 10g per shot.

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