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Off to GDC

Well, I'm off to the Game Developer's Conference all next week to do Business.  Before I go, I'll leave you with two teasers.

1) Autocap v2 is the new map system.  Unlike autocap v1, now it will be fully automated, and with any luck, the map should update by itself roughly once a week (instead of once per six months :P).  Kartud has been working hard on this, and we hope to have something running by the end of next next week.


2) I've been working on a new weapon, the Laser Rifle.  It will have a range and hit effect like the laser turret (and I may be balancing upwards the laser turret's damage too). To balance out its range and firepower, it will have a reload sequence between shots -- so make each one count.


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  1. i wanna Buy Laser Rifle But Smliar The Pixel Pistol

  2. Dear god, please don’t let the laser rifle cost plat!!!!!

  3. its simple really just make this gold and make the next 2 updates plat then 1 gold then 2 plat… that way there are enough on both sides so people get new updates even if they don’t buy plat – they still spend time on the . map will be amazing. i really want to see my waterpark. the laser rifle will be good if its gold. if its plat its a waste of time i think. it would be cool to see more races tho. there are only 2.

  4. Nice choice of business video <3

  5. Given the pixel pistol came with limited ammo, this probably will too. Making it the biggest ripoff apart from zombies if it costs plat.

    Plus I’m pretty sure Sim wanted to avoid giving plat buyers an advantage in PvP. That said, he wanted to keep PvP equal for noobs and older players, and then he introduced the level system, giving level 6 players 6 times the health and damage of level 1 players.

    • This is how it goes with every game,they introduce new equips that can destroy the new pepole and the new pepole must level up and get better weapons and then fight.It would be best if some PvP arenas were for level 1 pepole and some for level 6 pepole, it would help PvP then.

  6. By the way isnt autocap supposed to be called automap?!

  7. Aw aw and this gem on the top will change colors yeah yeah YEAH IT WILL, WILL IT?!

  8. Wow looks good,i might return to the game again with the 2 laser shooting stuff.

  9. I hope the Laser Rifle isn’t limited ammo, just a reaload time of 1-2 secs between shots. How would you even reload a laser anyways? It’s made of light .-.

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