Build 1022

  • Full size sand & snow blocks now in shop (thanks to Grim)
  • Easter Egg Hunt is now closed — egg spawners removed  (but existing eggs have been left as-is).
  • Web/Kongregate users should now have an option for Java to remember permission to run the applet on the Java security dialog window popup.  Special thanks to Joe from Aberoth for this protip 🙂
  • Better registration page for Web & Kongregate editions — including e-mail warning if no email is provided

9 thoughts on “Build 1022”

  1. Yes!! Finally, no more using small snow blocks for my castle. My castle will be even bigger now! 😀
    And the eggs will stay, hooray! But… it would be nice if you removed the hints when you hover your mouse over the eggs.

  2. I’m playing at a barrow in library computer and they aren’t so good so I can’t play 8bit right now, it says: Unable to connect :'(

  3. You need to accept the certificate and trust the site. Enter a VALID name and BOOM, you have it!

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