Buy-Ammo System

A popular request has been ammo purchasable separately from weapons.  I am now testing this change on Potato, and if it’s stable, expect to see it on Primary tomorrow.

  • Ammo can be bought separately
  • Weapons no longer self-delete on reaching zero ammo
  • Prevent purchasing another weapon when that weapon already exists in the inventory (this simplifies weapon management, since each weapon item can have its own unique ammo count, and it’d be easy to get mixed up)
  • Weapon’s ammo level now properly saves/loads
  • x10 buttons removed for weapon folder
  • Pixel Pistol now does 3 damage – combined with low ammo cost, hopefully this makes it more appealing for use



9 thoughts on “Buy-Ammo System”

  1. Woo! Definitely makes the pistol a lot more appealing. The community’s voice has been heard people! Long live the dots!

  2. i think the game needs some more swords and enemies. a couple new blocks or plat items would be nice too 😛

  3. Does this mean weapon ammo no longer refills?
    If so, this update hugely increases the cost of using guns for smart players, which is kinda the wrong way to go…

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