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Working on a new hammer weapon... so far all it does is say "HAMMER TIME!"  x_x


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  1. When I saw this update in the sidebar, I was expecting to see something like Mjölnir. Now, I’m going to be perfectly honest, this hammer makes me think of Bob the Builder.

  2. Just release it now. But make it a plat item. And make it spam public chat. Guaranteed sales.

  3. how much damage???

  4. Wow! Hammer? like CRAFTING?!?!?

  5. What’s with you working on new weapons lately? Just wondering

  6. NO PLAT ITEM. That will make it unfair to MANY PEOPLE and me:(. But it would be a really nice improvement if it could do damage, repair blocks and create blocks THX MEEP!

  7. that makes sense nvm about what i said above

  8. Yah ok i agree, But can you please make some new blocks as well or make some of the plat items gold because my town is having a really hard time and it has 0 plat items. So it is like a ghost town now cause of no plat blocks in it.:(

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