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IRC SSL Certs & Web Path Updated

The ssl certs for the irc server were a bit out of date...

*   Valid since Jan  2 23:14:56 2005 GMT to Jan  2 23:14:56 2006 GMT

Okay, maybe a lot out of date :P.  Anyhow, they're valid again now for both the irc server itself, as well as web access.  Note if you had the irc web interface bookmarked, it's got a different path now.

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  2. And how can i become a IRC or a mod? I would really like to know.

    • IRC is a chat based site where you can talk to MODS and/or Sim9, theres a difference between a MOD and IRC. ANYONE can use IRC, but not just anyone can be a MOD.

  3. Well if everyone can be a irc then what is the website. So i can be one.

  4. I can’t get into irc chat.

  5. Well nvm i got it fixed and I am a IRC.

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