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MegaMap v3

After many months of development, rendering, more development, even more rendering, the new map is finally online!  This is the first map update in more than half a year, and as this new map also includes =67, Potato Server, and many Pocket Universes, there's a ton of cool stuff to see!


If you would prefer your pocket universe not show up on the map, you can type /togglemapprivacy while standing in your pocket universe.  The change will take effect next time the map is generated.

The map making process is now more automated, so it shouldn't take another half year for the next map refresh 🙂

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  1. Sweet!

  2. Wow! =65 is so full now 😛

  3. Ok nice, but I can’t find my pocket universe, and it is the town Manhattan0.o((((((/tele Manhattan))))))

  4. Awsome more cool stuff are now updated um hey im still playing 8BITMMO im just trying the new card thing at 8bitmmo but “MEGAMAPS” v3 is more awsome this will be more fun to try out better start doing it XD

  5. Looks like this is the “update”. The new map looks awesome!

  6. yay lol my base near /tele north looks awesome from the areal view on this map and now i can find the spikes i left in the wild! thank you so much

  7. canadians with does smiles

  8. Not works for me 🙁

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