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The Garbotron 8BitMMO Parody is pretty much the best thing ever

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  1. Grim Master Death: NO YELLING!!!

  2. Holy I just notice This Video is “Awsome” 😀

  3. OMG THIS IS SO GOOD. Please Garbitron, I wish you to add me as a the guy that adds him as a citizen.

  4. Hi guys. I am on my phone and my comp is bust. It will be fixed by Monday.



  6. WOW i JUST notice:there’s a “COW” “BOY” [HAT] and a Rubber Ducky i soo what that cowboy hat

  7. OMG that is so funnny xD

    i cant stop laughing

  8. UM please Robby-Z could you unmuted me for ones i know this is not the good place too say about but no one listen to me 😛 because im muted please unmuted me huh will ya 🙂 if you got time to unmute me or not just please do it for me if some one agree to me to unmute marco_cute23 please help me to get unmuted

  9. Lol AWESOME video! Please create more parody’s and please(like minecraft) MAKE ANIMATIONS. That would make SOOOOO MANY PEOPLE HAPPY and many YouTube hits!

  10. SALE DAY!!!!!!!

    It will end in 2 days!!!!!! ((((((/tele Manhattan))))))))

  11. Offtopic.

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