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New low-cpu launcher [r11]

I fixed a bug that was causing the launcher to use way too much CPU.  If you use Steam, the update is applied automatically, or download the latest standalone launcher.

PS - Boxtech is up on Potato if you want to test it out! 🙂

UPDATE: These two bugs are now fixed:

  • /sellallinv no longer sells containers
  • Phantom objects are no longer created due to using containers while in object placement mode
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  1. “Guns dont Kill Bullets do” :Bang but nice you fix some bugs sim9 and cointainer’s are still out sorry i still dont know yet and what category will that be?

  2. home decor it is

  3. you should make more block what affect on walking speed like ice and swamp blocks, also it is nice if we can buo bike or something to go faster and we need boat for water becos cant swim. 🙂

  4. Only very briefly checked out the boxes, but one thing I’ve noted so far: it would be easier if there was a button for closing all active windows or something, to save having to use the rather small X. Alternatively, have ‘using’ the box again close the container window (inventory already has ‘i’).

  5. nice when should boxes be released into normal server?

  6. It’s taken a loooooong time for the launcher to get fixed. Perhaps now it’ll be a viable option to play on.

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