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Assorted updates

These changes are being tested out on Potato server:

  • Food objects can be used in inventory by right clicking them
  • Food items can only be used once per 2.5sec to prevent becoming invincible in PvP
  • Laser rifle is slightly more expensive (500->600g), while its ammo is significantly less expensive (300->150g)
  • Localization note added to spreadsheet
  • Fixed bug where sometimes ~ was displayed erroneously in localized text

Also: MegaMap's coordinate system is working again 🙂

Please let me know if you spot any new bugs from these changes!

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  1. Nice Update about the Food Stuff (right click)… its kinda useful, btw add quick access slots.. its kinda hard to switch on sword, hammer, rifle and eat food at the same time.

  2. yeah my ideas in testing!!!!!

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