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Beginnings of Localization Support


On Potato server, I'm now testing basic localization support.  When connected to Potato, on the options screen, you will have an option to select which language to play in.  For the most part this doesn't do a whole lot yet as the game isn't yet translated, but in anticipation of going to Tokyo Game Show, I'm working with a friend to get the game translated into Japanese.

Also, you can now type foreign characters into the chat window!  I intended this for people chatting in their native language, but instead I fully expect to be inundated with extravagant emoticons shortly ಠ_ಠ  ... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

If you speak a foreign language, you can also translate the game!  In, open up localization.xls in excel, add a new column, and follow the instructions.  You could translate the game to your native language, or just make everything speak in Olde English for your 8BitMMO Middle Ages Feudal England Mod.  Either way, should be useful for the modders! 🙂

Moving all the strings out of the code and into excel may have resulted in some weird text in places, so if you catch any of those situations on Potato, please report them!

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  1. Can i translate it to spanish? 😀

  2. 10/10 would put random characters into chat again

  3. I will translate as much as I can into Serbian.

  4. I will do romanian! meh…

  5. Ooh, Realism Pack will definitely be slightly translated… Whether to English or Olde English is under consideration 😀

  6. But… how I add a third language?

  7. Something strange, these messages appear if I use Browser Version.

  8. Is there a Simplified Chinese translation? I may translate it.
    I hope that you will provide a server program, let users can create their own server.

  9. Oi I am translating the game into Russian
    Get ready for some cheeki breeki mates

  10. translate to russian please

  11. I’d like to translate the game to Bulgarian, however I don’t know how usefull would that be.

  12. I’d like to translate into Korean, but how?

  13. Hmm, maybe I can translate it to Turkish.Can you give me the amount of active turkish 8bitmmo players,if it is much, I can make it in 3-4 days but if it is low, It might take a few weeks.
    ps. Mail me if you don’t want to publish it.

  14. So which kind of file will u accept if I translate it to Chiness ? txt? doc? html? or just code?
    boring programmer.

  15. what about pig latin

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