Firevania – 30hr weekend gamejam entry


This weekend, I participated in a gamejam event, where people come together to make a game in 30 hours.

The themes to choose from were fire and connected worlds, so we did both.  We made a simple metroidvania-style game where you try to find eight MacGuffins across two worlds.  In order to find all eight, you will need to visit both worlds and collect several items.

Sequence 01.Still002

Water will drown you, but once you find the freeze ray, you can use it to freeze the water and walk across it.  The flamethrower can make water evaporate and burn wood. The high-jump flip-flops come in handy for those tall jumps.

Sequence 01.Still001

If you want to give it a go, you can download it for windows here.  I wrote some of the code and did the level layout, so you can blame me for the bugs and jumping puzzles 😛

Here’s a video playthrough of the game — don’t watch if you want to explore the game on your own.



12 thoughts on “Firevania – 30hr weekend gamejam entry”

    1. The code is very hacktastic as we wrote it very quickly — it should not be used as a basis for any project 😛

  1. we this was out? i got knock out wen i was walking up to my room then suddenly a banana,then i stepped on it i fall out and got knocked out and i was brougth at the hospital i was gone for 5days well im back but my head still hurt and this stupid bandage in my head hmm still bleeding all same 😛

  2. RobbyZ in the recent blog posts, you keep including pics of Fan Art! I know we talked about it and I just could NEVER figure out how to post the pics in an imgur album, please name a Fan Art section, and tell me album instructions.

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