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Oven Updates on Potato


  • Raw meat can now be purchased & cooked to taste.  Don't leave it on the oven too long or it'll get crispy (thanks for suggestion Dragonslayerwei & Hermit).
  • Note there is a known issue with meat shadows currently
  • Oven recipes changed up a bit based on suggestions from Sage
  • Oven now retains ownership through bake process (thanks for bug report Sage/Value)
  • In the wilderness, only the owner can bake using the oven (ovens can still be used by others when in towns)
  • Ovens cannot be used across town borders
  • Fixed bug where teleportation to a manually created system universe was erroneously denied
  • Oven optimization to properly unload inactive ovens

Barring any crash issues, I plan to update Primary with all the Potato test updates soon!

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  1. can i cook the chicken to burn chicken 😀

  2. A bug,

    On the Browser version, Meat appears as Chicken. Chicken appears as Chicken, too.

    Nothing that I could type a text out

  3. well sim are you making more raw meat well guess to what im thinking one meat is not a good idea needs more meat to cook like turkey for a holiday food and not only meat vegtables like a salad 😛

  4. um sim do you think ovens can fry vegtable and plus needs water lololol coffee and soda are the only the drinkable stuff you migth gonna add water hope this help ya bro

  5. i wanna eat hot soup 🙂 can you make some dessert to game too like icecream. wanna already cook pumpkins even its i,playsible on now.

  6. oh Good idea Pumpkin pie but you know guys pumpkins Explode rigth if you try to cook one you migth get a chance of trying to cook your pumpkin or it Dissapear 😀 just a thing Sim think about it

  7. Does not cooked meat stacks with cooked meat?

  8. Cooked steak should give more hp than raw or burnt meat. Right now, there is no real reason to cook it.
    I thought something along:

    raw steak: 0 hp
    half-cooked steak: 2 hp
    cooked steak: 3 hp
    perfect steak: 4 hp
    burnt steak: does 1 damage when you eat it.

  9. Ima be the GOD of burnt food 😛

  10. “YES” Fus Do Rah >:0 )))))))))))))))))))))) X_X

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