Officially just started working on The Next Big Update!



20 thoughts on “Officially just started working on The Next Big Update!”

    1. It means to go ahead and make guesses. No it won’t be new engine although sim has been working on one it is something that will not happen for a long time yet if it happens at all. new engine pretty much means having to rewrite the entire game.

  1. i demomoer guess “robby z the god sim9 be adding :
    dinosaurs, arena gambling, plat subscriptions/convertors (see, freeze weapons, crafting system (, non hostile mobs (npcs,farm animals,pets,war-pets), explosive weapons, robolegs/roboarms (in server player bots), player auction house, customizable pixart items, “return to sender” wildness block device, real world economy server, hardcore/griefers server, buyable additional pocket dimensions,fart weapons (poison),rainbows and unicorns, mob bosses, playable chip-tune music instruments ect ect ……

    adding any of that 🙂 ”

    a sim replays “no :P”

    do not be that sim sim do add one :sniffle: thing on that list

  2. superskills like flying or swimming?
    scary halloween: enemys spawn even to citys?
    free plat to theys who have played long 🙂

  3. Hope is a Jump Block or jump pad Sim never made that before but soo far if you try to jump at 8bitmmo.i think jumping cause people to lag,so thats why Sim never made a Jump Button [FUN FACT]-Jump block is awsome if Sim added jump button,then stand on a jump block press jump-if Sim ever does made a jump button-then you will just bounce soo you dont have to make stairs,well stairs is really boring is time for the new stuff comes—–who like to agreed Jump blocks or jump pads could be added plz choose[Y-yes.N-no] CHOOSE NOW OR BE TERMINATED >:D

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