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Here are the pics & video from my trip to Japan last month. I had such an amazing time, I’d probably move there for a while if I spoke Japanese and had a visa ๐Ÿ˜›

Sense of Wonder Night 2014

I was selected to present at Sense of Wonder Night 2014 — quite an honor given only 10 games were nominated out of 136 entries from 27 countries!

IMG_20140919_110341 IMG_20140919_110347

During tech setup:IMG_20140919_120238

Live show!



My presentation:

Accepting the award for Best Technological Game:



Super excited to have been a part of this and honored to receive the award!

Tokyo Game Show 2014

IMG_20140918_095125IMG_20140919_125624 IMG_20140918_093902ย ย  IMG_20140920_1000496112bdbd9fd117cf4e3b2d4b0cf88639371e74167a7_375x500 IMG_20140918_095250 IMG_20140918_095752 IMG_20140918_095848 IMG_20140918_100254 IMG_20140918_105314IMG_20140919_125808 IMG_20140918_135032 IMG_20140918_164539WP_20140920_006 IMG_20140919_080246 IMG_20140919_125737 IMG_20140919_125740 IMG_20140919_125743 IMG_20140919_165500 IMG_20140919_165629 IMG_20140919_170624 IMG_20140920_090250 IMG_20140920_093324 IMG_20140920_113207 IMG_20140920_113409 IMG_20140920_113538 IMG_20140920_120503 IMG_20140920_120653 IMG_20140920_121420 IMG_20140920_131102 IMG_20140920_155043 IMG_20140920_203131 IMG_20140920_231644 IMG_20140921_104413 IMG_20140921_112044 IMG_20140921_120605 IMG_20140921_130032 IMG_20140921_130038 IMG_20140921_130156 IMG_20140921_130204 IMG_20140921_130218 IMG_20140921_131505 IMG_20140921_131540 IMG_20140921_131651 IMG_20140921_131710 IMG_20140921_131725 IMG_20140921_131757 IMG_20140921_131832 IMG_20140921_131906 IMG_20140921_131937 IMG_20140921_132007 IMG_20140921_132047 IMG_20140921_132112 IMG_20140921_132251 IMG_20140921_135345 IMG_20140921_144529 IMG_20140921_145302 IMG_20140921_152227


IMG_20140913_204032 IMG_20140913_204043 IMG_20140913_215451 IMG_20140913_215456 IMG_20140913_215500 IMG_20140913_222423 IMG_20140914_105111 IMG_20140914_105119

Radio city in Akihabara is pretty cool. It’s this maze of tiny shops with low ceilings (most of the time I had to walk ducking down), many of which selling a particular type of electronic component. IMG_20140914_112232 IMG_20140914_120434 IMG_20140914_120856 IMG_20140914_123342 IMG_20140914_123347 IMG_20140914_151122

You can buy chiptune music at a store here.ย  That’s pretty awesome.IMG_20140914_161841 IMG_20140914_171310 IMG_20140914_183738 IMG_20140914_183908 IMG_20140914_184110

Wall Street is a bar?IMG_20140914_190700

I ended up at multiple places where they served raw eggs as part of the meal.ย  I ate them.ย  Didn’t die!IMG_20140914_233347 IMG_20140915_105617 IMG_20140915_110411 IMG_20140915_110857 IMG_20140915_121153

Store my ducks!IMG_20140915_121545 IMG_20140915_121550 IMG_20140915_125622 IMG_20140915_133103 IMG_20140915_133247 IMG_20140915_140639 IMG_20140915_141118 IMG_20140915_152133 IMG_20140915_152338 IMG_20140915_152439 IMG_20140915_152837

I stumbled onto Philosoraptor hiding on the sixth floor of a shopping mall:IMG_20140915_154134 IMG_20140915_162718 IMG_20140915_162731 IMG_20140915_172924

Something about this place seemed a little shady, but I wandered in anyway, lured by signs of anime.ย  Turned out to be a bar, filled with anime figures & posters. ย Behind the bar, they had eight monitors set up in some sort of broadcast rig and were doing a video podcast.ย  I got to chat with the bartender a little, but I have no idea what the podcasters were saying.ย  Although I did keep hearing them say ‘americanjin game programmer’IMG_20140915_195026 IMG_20140915_220451 IMG_20140916_125838 IMG_20140916_144627 IMG_20140916_150957 IMG_20140916_151831 IMG_20140916_151909 IMG_20140916_151922 IMG_20140916_152134 IMG_20140916_152250 IMG_20140916_152456 IMG_20140916_152625 IMG_20140916_152654 IMG_20140916_152822 IMG_20140916_153106 IMG_20140916_153143 IMG_20140916_154007 IMG_20140916_154143 IMG_20140916_154205 IMG_20140916_154233 IMG_20140916_154605 IMG_20140916_155130 IMG_20140916_155158 IMG_20140916_155425 IMG_20140916_155853 IMG_20140916_155930

At Kamakura Shrine, there were a bunch of elderly people sitting in rows in front of this pond.ย  I wander up to see what was going on, and this guy was feeding turtles there.ย  He let me take a photo of him, and then offered to let me feed the turtles too!IMG_20140916_155529


For luck…?IMG_20140917_212625 IMG_20140914_183602 IMG_20140915_133753 IMG_20140915_133803 IMG_20140915_215745IMG_20140916_155031 IMG_20140916_155039 IMG_20140916_155529IMG_20140921_222256IMG_20140921_205156


This image sums up my thoughts about trying to figure Pachinko out.IMG_20140921_214541 IMG_20140921_221905


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  1. Wow! soo many Anime Nerds,no i dont mean Robby is a nerd Robby is awsome
    and nice places at japan and the Dog is a History of japan,well im been reading about countries
    and i like that Robot Noodles makes me want to have one ๐Ÿ˜€ !!

    oh and Congrants Robby Enjoy Visiting Japan!

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