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Regarding Octoberbit

I've been getting a few questions about if Octoberbit is happening this year (Octoberbit is our usual monthlong fundraiser drive/plat sale in October). I e-mailed our top fifteen-ish backers of prior years, and didn't get much interest for doing one this year, so we're probably going to skip it for this year.

That being said, if there's substantial interest from other players, we could still do it.  Here's what the reward tiers could be below.  These are not finalized at all, just brainstorming at this point.

(Each tier includes the tiers of the previous tiers.  All prices are in US Dollars)

  • $1+: Thank you!
  • $5+:  Receive Gold / Plat pack equivalent to pledge amount, plus a TBD amount of bonus gold/plat (what should this bonus % be?)
  • $15+: First to get access to the New Update.  It's going to be awesome.
  • $25+: Trap Kit: Deter invaders with a collection of 10x spike traps and 2x turret traps (30 plat value)
  • $50+: Limited edition Octoberbit 2014 in-game hat
  • $70+: Second Pocket Universe, pre-expanded to 4x4
  • $100+: a 2k region expand block for each $50 pledged ($100 = 2x blocks, 150 = 3x, etc...)
  • $200+: Premium block set:  100 half-size marble blocks, 100 full-size marble blocks, 100 half-size red stone blocks, 100 full-size red stone blocks, 100 black tile blocks, all stored in a Big Cardboard Town Box (4 plat, 12k gold value)
  • $300+: Game credit - your name included in /credits
  • $500+: Origin plot?
  • $1000+: Work with me to create a custom designed hat, shirt, accessory or decorative building item, for your own use or share with your friends (will provide 1,000 hat tokens to give out as you desire).

If you're interested in doing Octoberbit this year, please make a preliminary pledge here.  If we can hit $2k in pledges, we'll do it.

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  2. Hm don’t know how this will go robby but xerp will most likely do it for some plat and I am pretty sure if black jack wants a 2k block this is his chance to get 1

  3. I may buy the $15 one or more, but this money is USD right?

  4. give us the new update!!1!

  5. Is there a way to pay by steam? Because that’s the only way I can pay.

    • On the pledge form there is are checkbox options for different purchase methods, including one for Steam — please check whichever methods you’re able to use.

  6. Robby, 400€ is 500$, no? I want to be in credits 😀 PS: Today is my birthday!

  7. Wow Alex’s Birthday he never told me ;( -LOL

    But yeah Finally Sim added a Tear but sim in the tear $500 what els do we get except a origin plot?

  8. Tomarrow wuz my birthday D:; oh and if you buy one do you get all the tiers under that one and the one you bought?

  9. I just hope kjh gives me a hat token 😉
    The new update looks great…..YESSS!!!

  10. I did the thing i just help we make it to 2k people ho want to do it to

  11. If I buy a $15 pack will I get the plats worth and the bonus or only the bonus stuff.

  12. Sweet! I’m going to buy the $25 one now 😀

  13. Do we get steam cards if we pledge?

  14. RobbyZ when are you going to count the people ho did the serve-vey

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