Super early Potato testing of Transponders

Transponder backers can now try out Transponders for themselves by:

  1. Launch game on Potato server
  2. In web browser, go here
  3. Click option for Transponders on Potato
  4. Within 30 seconds, they should show up in your inventory

It’s still super early, but you can place a Transponder in your pocket universe and (attempt to) defend it.  Right now surviving the full five minute round is very tough, but I’ll be doing more balancing on this in future.

Transponders will cause waves of mobs to attack you, including other players if they use a Combatpad (there’s one in Potato’s Root).  Waves will get progressively more difficult, influencing how many mobs/other players are spawned in.

While in a match, players with red name are enemies, green names are allies, and white names are observers (they cannot cause damage to blocks or players).

Please note that mobs/players CAN destroy blocks, so don’t have any important blocks you care about (especially plat blocks) in the pocket universe when a Transponder is active.


12 thoughts on “Super early Potato testing of Transponders”

  1. yes that is correct my son
    well try to keep important stuff at your bag to be sure is safe or if you placed down a box on your pocket then you forgot to put in your bag then actcedentally a cat destroyed your box then after that you keep crying saying Curse you! XD

    Try to keep that in mind Guys!

      1. Yeah we tested it. basically, if no one joins a match mobs are spawned, but if you join the match you have to go around stabbing blocks and then you have to destroy the transponder. Once the transponder is destroyed, it’s game over.

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