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Extra IRL Shirts

shirt preview

I ordered extras t-shirts for a trade show late last year and didn't end up needing them.  They've been hanging out in my file cabinet ever since.

I have a Large and an Extra Large available for the next couple days if anyone wants them.

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  1. I will take a large

  2. k thanks!

  3. Do they ship to Canada by any chance?

  4. RobbyZ i hate 8bitmmo and you
    you know why?

  5. You didn’t BUY any plat and gold.
    So yeah, you did get double the plat and gold you bought. To a total of 0.

  6. Sim9 is the best, and you are a whiny ungrateful little child who does not deserve 8bitmmo.
    get rekt

  7. Well, I lost out on the large since somebody waited till exactly the last minute to place a bid, and it would seem the XL didn’t get any bids at all. While I don’t think it would fit me very well, Sim, would you consider relisting the XL so I could try for that one?

  8. If you sell one of the shirts again I’ll buy one 😛 i have an extra $20

  9. I Would buy but i dont have money 😛

  10. 🙂 Po is dead WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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