Merry Bitmas!

Merry Bitmas everybody!  We all opened our Bitmas gifts together:

bitmas gifts

Afterwards, in true holiday spirit, there was a zombie outbreak and everyone killed each other  😛

<SnakeZXZ> Wow this christmas party took a turn

Speaking of Bitmas gifts, asedita1 sent me a pretty amazing one!  Check out this 3D Printed 8BitMMO set & poem.  Awesome asedita1, thanks so much! 🙂




Aww, thanks!  And I really appreciate everyone’s kind wishes at /tele bitmas as well:


You guys are the best.  A Merry Bitmas to everyone! <3


7 thoughts on “Merry Bitmas!”

  1. I got a feedoor. I will put it to use making a water park with a reward block at the end of a crazy water slide that you can probably drown in.
    P.S. Sim, someone could easily set a bot to click that checkmark recaptcha. Not saying I would, but the advertisers…Might have to get a normal recaptcha.
    P.P.S. < That's funny, P.P.
    P.P.P.S. I am a robot, change it to "I'm not an advertisement bot"

  2. Merry christmas all! I am such a fool for playing zelda windwaker all day i forgot about the presents well merry christmas robbyz and wish you all a awsome year!

  3. I really wish you guys would’ve let it go an extra day or something.
    A lot of people got nothing because they spent CHRISTMAS with their FAMILIES, GEE WHAT A CRAZY THOUGHT

  4. lildrummerdrew Thank all the players trying to abuse it by making multiple accounts. We wanted to keep it around longer but yea the abuse got out of hand. 🙁

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