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Transponder Updates (on Potato)

  • It is now possible to insta-rebuild destroyed blocks from a transponder match.  Via /restorelist, you can get a list of the five most recent matches and how many blocks were destroyed in each.  With /restorelimbo, you can restore destroyed blocks from a given match.  Currently the cost for this is 1 plat per instant rebuild. (Shown in the video at 4:56)
  • Super fancy UI for when starting & finishing match (check it out in the video at 4:26)
  • Fixed bug where mobs would attack other attackers
  • Match observers should not be targeted or be able to cause damage to mobs
  • Block HP now scales to its relative cost for most gold blocks & doors
  • Block & Player HP heals to full HP at the beginning of a match
  • Disallow changes to townpvp during a transponder battle
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  1. quick question sim, was this after i left? XD

  2. My wifi goes down for 5 days… And I miss this!!!

    rip. my hopes and dreams

  3. is it now possible to form teams in a game? I’ve been thinking about designing a epic scale pvp area today and wanna get in touch with what you can or can’t do currently…

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