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Dice, Water, and Pockets

diceA couple updates today:

  • Dice added!  Ever needed a random number for a minigame?  Now you have one 🙂
  • Water death now uses normal respawn rules
  • /buypocket - purchases a new pocket universe for 10p. Pocket will be a standard new pocket (2x2 regions big with no townstone placed yet).
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  1. -Why do you have to pay 10 plat to create a PU? This way it costs 20 plat to have a town instead of 10 plat.
    I understand it needs to cost plat or else players will create new towns over and over for free. but why not just give you a full 3×3 town when you buy a pocket universe?

    -This is long overdue, lol.

    -This is a really good item! Will make a lot of user made games possible! But the sprite is tiny, make it bigger, I can barely see what gets rolled.

  2. Eld is right about the dice, they are quite small, but apart from gambling i think they would make an interesting item to build with,maybe of someone with a LOT of time to kill could use the dice and make pixel art (using the tiny white and black pixels) that would be cool >.> and yay normal water re spawns! its been too long :’) and im fine with the PU’s being 10plat each, if they were 10plat AND gave u a town that wouldnt be as good cause then they would be trade able, people would pay someone e.g kjh to buy a pocket (this is if they also make a town) and then get kjh to transfer it to them, so they get a TOWN and POCKET UNIVERSE for free! So yeah dont change the PU thing. also great job 😀

  3. personally, I think you should make the extra pocket towns an option, either 10p, or 10k. This way, it doesn’t take IRL money for people who have no access to plat, which, often Is my predicament. Also, to specify which you want to use, it should be /buypocketplat or /butpocketgold.

  4. well we may as well make all plat items optional in gold, the reason we have plat is for a currency where robby can earn money in real life, pocket universe can still get traded, its just u need a townstone with it 😛

  5. another plat thing? this is getting pay to play! can’t you focus a little on free to play?

  6. Technically speaking, pay to play means that you don’t need to pay to PLAY or ACCESS the game… Since you can play 8BitMMO to a suitable degree of fun without ever buying plat, it’s still free to play…

    Now, stop trying to get money from him and just buy plat! 😛

  7. Sim is doing both, he just gave you dice! (and don’t whine “yeah but its not as kewl as another pocket universe!). It’s still not a pay to play game, it’s just pay to get extra priveleges, that just so happen to finance this game to keep it going! Otherwise he might be forced into a situation like selling the game to a company willing to host it, and we all know how well that went with 8 bit mmo!

  8. ugh, realm of the mad god I meant ¬_¬… but yeah, nobody likes that game now it’s been picked up by a company, it’s all seen as just a sell out. I’d rather keep 8 bit mmo from going in a route like that as long as possible. Keep it a “player powered” game as long as possible!

  9. Nice sim! 😀 I cant buy another PU though

  10. If they were 10k people would just buy them, and then buy 500g pocket townstones, and chain pocket towns. Maybe they should only cost 5p? Since you still need to buy the town.

  11. This should’ve shown up as a reply to Blockmaker’s comment…

  12. yeah, replies are broke :/

  13. >Water death now uses normal respawn rules
    rip aquaman

  14. aquaman still lives

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