Password Doors & Shirts

pwdoorsThis week’s update is out:

With Password Doors, you can set a password to allow anyone through who knows the secret.

Also in the shop, five new shirts!


7 thoughts on “Password Doors & Shirts”

  1. Oh no! Not new shirts! Just when I had carefully built a team pvp arena hahaha XD oh you Sim! Yey I can already think of a GOOD USE for password doors =3
    I will gladly use them!

  2. All the doors cost plats lol I need to find a good way to make cash since I completed all of Draco’s quests and Sir’s quests are all rewardless, and /warp zoo + /warp dire don’t get me too much i would still have to grind forever for a password door

  3. What’s up with the extra server-sized chunk of land when I bring up the map with almost nothing in it and a road saying I- 666, probably as a joke. How do I get there, because I want to do mayoral things there.

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