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Law Offices of LOL & LOL

We have a new edition of the Offices of LOL & LOL, which Sage has masterfully rebuilt.  Check it out at Root.

new lol and lol by sage

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  1. Now that the new one is out, the older players can have a memory that no one else can get, i am one of those older players but besides that, this looks awesome Sage!

  2. And holy cow the law offices look good.

  3. I can’t believe it’s not butter!

  4. best… dungeon… update… ever…
    it’s possible to attract more players with this 😀
    btw, will other “starter” dungeon remaked too?
    i hope someone says yes and remake it.

    no potatoes

  5. I do not agree with this system of leaving comments here…. but, anyways. I found your easter egg, Sage…

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