New Mods

Please join me in welcoming four new mods to the community moderation team:  Retsejnomis, Black_Jack, Shcky, and Marbelz.

Kyro is also voluntarily stepping down from the mod team to focus on real-life things.  I thank him for his contributions over his tenure as a mod.

Finally, I’d like to add that it was intensely difficult for the existing mod team and myself to narrow down the final contenders for the limited mod positions.  Don’t fret if you really wanted to be a mod.  There are a number of people being eyed for the next round.


15 thoughts on “New Mods”

  1. Gratz to everyone who is now a mod and to sim I think these were really good choices and it must have been really really hard narrowing it down also I can’t wait to see ho becomes a mod for the next round!

  2. RIP little bits dreams, which will be haunted by blackjack stalking them. LOL but these are really amazing choices! 😀 Black-jack is bae <3

  3. nice hope that some of them clean up wilderness without saying and all. well congrulations new mods ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

    1. if you want to be a mod, be active (rules alex82 out of being a mod) friendly, nice, helpful and have good english. also dont try too hard to be a mod, just be yourself. People who try too hard to be a mod may not get chosen (cough **** cough)

  4. Congratulations!!!

    I can’t wait for who will be the next mod…
    *thinks deeply of the next possible moderators*

  5. “Don’t fret if you really wanted to be a mod. There are a number of people being eyed for the next round.”
    Is that a challenge? ;P

    These 4 will be great mods 🙂

  6. Well, congrats :).. Reply to this comment if you want me to come back 😛 (I’ll still be the one to decide XD)

    1. This was a useless bump to this post and, many people want to be a mod but you need, a good reputation, and probably be recommended by a mod to sim. Not saying you don’t have any of these but just saying.

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