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Buy Box

buyboxMany players have been requesting this feature lately, so here you go:  the Buy Box is now available!  Now you can sell items without being online.

Place items in the box you want to sell.  Another user can later purchase the entire contents of the box for a gold fee that you have set.  You can later retrieve the fee from the box.

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  1. EPIC i thought kjh was gonna ask robby anyways lol, cool

  2. AWESOME robby! 😀

  3. That means big buyboxes are more valued than 5USD? gg

  4. Just a note with maths here.

    A feedoor is 5 plat. A small box is 1 plat and a big box is 2 plat.

    This means that a feedoor and a small public box setup = 5 + 1 = 6 plat. Same as the small buybox.

    But then 5 + 2 = 7 for a big public box and feedoor setup. Sim has priced the large buybox at 8 plat. This means that it is 1 plat cheaper if you are selling 1000 items or more than 500, to use the feedoor and large public box.

  5. Here is how it’s gonna go: Buy Boxes are gonna be REALLY valuable… then less valuable… then worthless… than regular. No way around it.

  6. Wow! I get back and I see this! Awesome Robby!

  7. Robby, Add Polish to 8BitMmo! Please!

  8. Make some trading system in the shop menu to trade 10,000 gold to 1 plat

    • He rejected that because the whole point of plat is to help Robby earn money to run the game.

      10k for 1p in shop conversion = Robby goes bankrupt
      Robby goes bankrupt = No more 8bitmmo
      No more 8bitmmo = D:

    • Well.. that’s pointless.. that idea will ruin 8bitmmo.. Robby wont have funds to continue the game if he would implement it.. but I would recommend offers..

  9. Someone is eventually going to make some sort of trade central

  10. YAY! Just when I though he didn’t listen to the suggestion box!

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