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Alpha.1811 – New Packs & Loc Prep

Today's build focuses on two things:

  • Preparing for text translation - you'll note some new flag icons when starting the game.  Clicking them won't do anything (yet) though.  If you notice any text no longer displaying correctly, please report the bug on the forums with a screenshot.
  • New Turbo packs - If you want to get access to Turbo Capitalism before beating the game once, now there's a way to do that.
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  1. Hello 8bit! I attended your pax prime WIN booth. I also am the fellow who asked you about modding, helping, and also had the wonderful hat full of pins and buttons! I already can tell this game is great, but does have a long way to go (alpha and all). I would like to extend my hand as a developer, if you would like some outside help in fixing bugs or what not. Or if you would like some more formal website or improvements to your current website.

    I also have to say, found plenty of bugs already… will report any I don’t find on the bug tracker.

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