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Stripe Payment (including new stripe hat)

stripeHatSmallUsers of standalone desktop edition and browser edition can now buy plat packs with credit cards worldwide via Stripe.  This payment method is directly integrated (no manually copying plat tokens required), and even has an option to remember your payment details for future purchases.  Best of all, any plat purchase via Stripe will credit your account with the new stripe hat!

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  1. No.
    I’m down with this, sorry.
    Amazon was bad enough.

  2. Smh, I might just do it for the hat BUT because of that, i must agree with chris, because atleast with Amazon, if we had an account, free hats.

  3. stop hating. sim9 is just trying to promote buying plat. he needs money too. dont hate just cause he wants to be able to buy nice things like a non potato server. im all for this, even though i probably wont be able to get it i still think it is cool!

    • Hating is telling our game creator what we think about it?
      I’m feeling opressed with this, i feel like sim9 is forcing us to buy plat to have nice stuff.
      THAT is MY opinion, you just ignore it if you don’t like it.

  4. Sorry Simmy But First of all maybe we can get a hat and ANOTHER pocket universe for free depending on the payment

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