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9BitMMO Build 2038 – Bug Fixes

Desktop and applet versions updated with:

  • Disconnection message added so you know when you get disconnected
  • Fixed bug where teleporting sometimes caused player to get stuck
  • Shift+H can be used to toggle on/off chat notifications
  • Chat notifications don't show on top of chat window
  • Login process is a bit nicer with errors properly displayed, please wait screen, etc
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  1. Whenever i log into 9bitmmo…. the screen is completly grey….. here is my log I was running it on windows 7……

  2. There My computer can play other games like TF2 (it overheats though) but 9bit is acting up for some reason…. I have no idea what is going on

  3. When I launch 9bitmmo I always get a grey screen

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