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Bitmas 2015!

Bitmas 2015 has officially begun!  Check out all the Bitmastivities:

/Tele Gift

Visit the linkpad in root to be teleported to the Bitmas 2015 map!


There's a hidden reward block to find.  Also while you're exploring, you'll meet...



Speak with Draco the Archiclaus.  If you registered before today, he'll have a gift for you!

100,000 Gold Giveaway

Enter the giveaway for a chance to win 100,000 gold, sponsored by Kjh787.  This time around, the winner must have an 8BitMMO user account that has been logged into on at least two different days.

Bitmas Hats

The Bitmas hats are back in stock in the shop.  Get one before they're gone!

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  1. Yes! Also, thanks on the new rule for the giveaway sim, inb4 same person as last time wins the raffle.

  2. oooooo boy

    [13:50] xmas gift can give one of the following: Water, Safe, Oven, Wildepad. Turret, Publicpad, +2k Expand, +250 Expand, TV noiiice, might not open mine though. I did NOT KNOW /tele gift WOULD BE THE BITMAS MAP!

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