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March of Industry – Now on Android

I've been meaning to get March of Industry running on mobile for a long while now, and so I've been spending a little bit of time here and there to make it happen.  It's finally ready to share, so you can now play it on your Android phones & tablets (I don't have an iPhone, so no iOS version.  Sorry.)

The mobile version is the same as the PC version, but with touch controls.  It even uses the same account system as PC version, so your save files will automatically sync between mobile and PC. It fully supports blueprint modding, translations, and GIF captures also.

I am giving the Android version out free to anyone who bought either the PC (Stripe) or Steam copies of the game.  (This includes Steam codes given out as Novemberbit rewards).   Just go to this page to download the APK.

And if you didn't, then FYI it's unreasonably cheap in Google Play.  😛

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  1. 😀 Woot!! This is going to be great!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing!! lets have some fun on our phone and get it easy by kjh787 3000g each. Mwhahaha.

  3. For what version it is???? I have android 4.4.2.

  4. Nice, now I just sit here and wait for it to be added to apple devices. (Please tell me it’s being added to the apple appstore, Robby)

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