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The Implausible Zone

Over the weekend I participated in the LD34 gamejam.  I wrote and made some art for a short Comedy/Adventure game, which was produced in roughly two days.  It's pretty rough, but people at the jam site seemed to think it was funny, so hopefully you will too 🙂


v1 - Jam Build [Windows]


Written by
Robby Zinchak

Music and Sound
Evan Witt

Disco Music
Jonathan Reasor

Carl Craig Juarez

Scripts used:

Word Wrapping Message Boxes, by: KilloZapit

Skip Title Screen

Fullscreen++ v2.2 for VX and VXace by Zeus81

Galv's Use Item on Event
Galv’s Use Item on Event V.1.5

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  1. Do you have RPG Maker VX Ace, or it is just a demo?

  2. If you can, get RPG Maker MV, it’s the next version and has more features ofc. I still really like VX Ace. 😀

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