9BitMMO Freecam & Glitch Mode

Two updates for the 9BitMMO client today in build 2055:

Freecam Mode

You can now press F6 to enable free camera mode to fly around — great for taking screenshots/videos of your creations.

Use W,A,S,D to move normally. Q,E to go up/down. And hold shift to go fast.

Glitch Mode (experimental)

You can press F5 to enable Glitch Mode, which will every once in a while render glitch artwork correctly.  This comes at the cost of a) much lower framerate, and b) making everything else render incorrectly.  The long term solution is probably smaller blocks to do glitch artwork ‘properly’, but in the meantime you can get some nice renders using this technique:



It tends to work most frequently in the normal camera mode (no rotation mode).


10 thoughts on “9BitMMO Freecam & Glitch Mode”

      1. No. I just stop playing. I love the community. I will go on the game sometimes like on Easter and bitmas.

  1. welp, like a month l8r i love this, but how2takeascreenie? ;-; and i don’t have windows paint or photoshop 😛

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