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9BitMMO build 2056

  • Fixed slight hitch while rotating
  • Added CTRL+F4 to keep regions loaded in when normally they would be unloaded.  This will kill your performance, though.
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  1. leveling to level 5 takes way to fucking long ;-;

    I think you should add 20 levels, and have the exp split into those. each one gains 3 HP and you need more diversity in swords, not just the RED, BLUE, WHITE, HAMMER. I feel there should be
    *way more enemies than normal
    *different swords, like a longsword with a small cooldown and reaches around the same of the hammer’s length, but does less damage and the cooldown is 1/2 of the hammer
    – a yellow sword for level 20 that does 20 – 25 damage
    – a sword like this one
    – armor that 1/2’s dmg
    – Hazmat suit
    – poison goop
    – more deathtraps
    – make P obtainable through killing bosses on primary quests that you have made. like a megahippie, a satan (level 19 quest), etc.

    – make level 20 impossible to get unless killing satan

    – make a hell of a lot more blocks

    – add a system where each enemy drops gold and not like, I kill 5 of em at once and I only get like 2 gold
    ( ._.)

    – most importantly, ADD BOSSES!!!! I’m sick of the normal 5 enemies, and they get so damn easy to kill.

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